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Hello there, and welcome visiting my blog. My name is Dagmar and I have changed my lifestyle since september 2015 for the better. I used to be morbidly obese, chronicly exhausted, lethargic and I felt more dead than alive, if that wasn’t enough my aches and pains were overtaking my life. I decided one day that I was way too young to just give in to the unhealthy lifestyle and that I could turn my life around. And here I am, 1,5 years later, 23 kgs lighter, full of life, enjoying every breath, and energy that is bubbling over most of the time.

What happened?

I am a big animal lover, I have 2 rescue dogs and 1 kitten with dog manners, and if there is a dog that is lost, you can bet it ends up wherever I am. Luckily I always seem to find the owner. But I digress.. one of my dogs is bit of a problem ‘child’, she had a very traumatic start of life and ended up in the rubbish bin, where I found her at 5 weeks old in a dire state. Whatever might have happened to her very young life, she’s a reactive dog, to other dogs, people, children, cars, bikes.. you name it. However, not when she is off-lead. I got quite fascinated by her behaviour and was looking for answers, so I decided to follow some courses, and 1 of the courses was animal behaviour and psychology, which really tickled my interest. Why do animals behave the way they do? I’m not going into specifics of this course, although it is very interesting. One part of the course, they showed a chicken that got clicker trained.. I know, that chicken that lands on your plate, what intelligence can a chicken have in that tiny little head? If I tell you that my jaw dropped of what I saw, is not an exaggeration. That chicken is quicker on the mark than any dog I have seen being trained.

That was it for me, that was my trigger. I decided I couldn’t possibly eat something that is that intelligent, so from one day to another I was pescatarian. It didn’t take long to decide I didn’t really enjoy eating fish either, as I kept overthinking their intelligence and feelings, over a year’s period, I systematically cut out fish, most dairy, all alcohol, coffee and I limit (bad) carb intake, like bread and pasta. I started joining into vegan cooking classes to get inspiration and I got quite addicted to them as the food was much more interesting than most food I’ve eaten before in my life.

I can honestly say, that turning away from meat and fish was the best thing I did, my energy levels went up, my weight went down, I enjoyed every bite of food and still do, and it has been a journey to the person I have become. Do I know everthing? Hell no! I’m still learning every single day of my life, I discover new combinations, quick fixes and new delicious recipes. The journey never ends, and it is quite exciting.

After almost a year, a lot of my aches and pains did disappear, however some didn’t, so after quite a few doctor visits, I got diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my entire body; some parts more severe than others, like my neck, wrists and knees which hurt constantly due to inflammation of the surrounding muscles. That was the moment I decided I needed to up my game.

With the extra energy of eating clean, I have taken up CrossFit at the end of August 2016 and a lot of hiking. I’ve built it up from twice a week to now 3 times a week, plus other exercises at home and almost every weekend you can find me hiking up a mountain. It is part of my lifestyle now, and again, I’m loving it. CrossFit has helped me to increase muscle strength in a very short time of space, 3 months, but I’ll need another 6 months at least to build up the quads to relieve the pain in my knees. Pain is not stopping me doing exercise, it is only encouraging me to do more. It is the way to a healthier life together with healthy food.

You will be able to follow that journey right here if you are interested. And if I can be an inspiration to only 1 person, then my story fulfilled its duty.

Project: Animal welfare

As somebody with a lot of empathy for the welfare and welbeing of animals, I have taken my first step in becoming part of it. I will be joining a wildlife organisation, Wildlife Act, in South Africa on 2nd January 2017 for 4 weeks as a volunteer and I’ll be working beside them to monitor and take care of animals near extinction. You’ll be able to join me in that adventure from Kwazulu-Natal.


See you guys around!

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